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17 Surprising Benefits of Amazon Prime


Many of us first signed up for Amazon Prime years ago to take advantage of free two-day shipping, and stayed with it as the giant online retailer raised the annual fee from $79 to $99 -- and now to $119 for new Prime members. Starting June 16, the $119 Prime membership fee will kick in for renewing members as well. That's a steep $20 increase from what I'm currently paying, and with my membership coming up for renewal, I had to do a reassessment. Is Amazon Prime worth $119?

I dove into my Amazon Prime account when I realized my renewal was fast approaching. My relationship with Prime had mellowed. I wasn't ordering as much from Jeff Bezos's baby, and I felt it might even be time to (gasp!) cancel my Amazon Prime membership.

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Boy, was I wrong. I use Prime services more than ever after I realized the bounty I had let go fallow in years past. Some of these wide-ranging free perks might even goose the rate of your Amazon Prime usage so you get more value out of your annual membership. Have a look.

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