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The 7 Best Tech Stocks in the World



Five of the 10 most valuable companies in the world are tech stocks. That’s an indication of where the growth has been, and we have every reason to believe that will remain the case for years to come. The pace of innovation only seems to be speeding up, not slowing down, and now breakout technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence are upon us.

That means any investor looking for outperformance should be hunting down the best tech stocks to buy. But where do you start?

The United States dominates the tech industry, so most people’s minds go to American tech firms when they go to invest. But by doing that, you’ll be leaving out a number of great stocks.


Today, I’ve put together a list of seven top tech stocks, making sure to include Asia, Europe and South America in my scans. And while blue-chip tech is typically a solid choice, I also made sure to examine a couple of the smaller (and potentially more explosive) stocks out there as well.

This list isn’t the end-all be-all list of tech stocks that are worth looking at, but for my money, they’re seven of the best tech stocks in the world.

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