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7 Growth Stocks That Should Replace Apple in Your Portfolio

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Just about everything about Apple Inc.'s (AAPL) fourth-quarter earnings report was positive. Its revenue and gross margins were at the high end of guidance, and the services division is a legitimate business that the market is overlooking.

Despite this fact — and the company’s apparent value — AAPL stock still fell 3% in response to earnings late last week.

Keep in mind that Apple trades at only 13 times earnings. Therefore, with services growing 24% to record revenue of $6.3 billion, and investors knowing that Q1 will be terrific with high iPhone 7 demand, AAPL stock should have soared after earnings. The fact that it fell 3% is alarming, and it’s also telling about how investors view Apple.


Apple has become more of a commodity play, like a utility stock, than a technology company that continues to dominate in hardware, software and services.

So while it might seem crazy to ditch Apple as a growth holding, you might want to if you want to jettison dead money from your portfolio.

Here are seven other growth stocks to buy instead that should actually provide … well, growth.

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