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4 Tech Stocks That Are Killing It in Cloud Computing



The cloud-computing space is one that investors should be watching closely. Over the last decade, the shift from physical data centers to keeping everything in the cloud has been monumental and every big-name tech firm out there has their hat in the ring. That being said, not all cloud computing services are created equal and traders should take a hard look at what each company has to offer before blindly throwing money at any of the cloud stocks out there.

While a few big names have emerged as cloud computing leaders over the last few years, the industry’s relative newness means that there is still a lot of room for growth.


Tech stocks with a solid plan for the future, a compelling growth story and enough financial strength to support said plans are few and far between. Because cloud computing fits in so seamlessly with what many firms are already doing, it’s also difficult to find a pure play in cloud stocks.

That being said, with more big businesses shifting their data to the cloud, it is a necessity for every portfolio. The following are four tech stocks to buy because of their solid position in the cloud-computing space.

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