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10 Tech Stocks That Could Disappear by 2027

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A decade is a long time. But it's even longer when it comes to tech stocks, where developments come fast and furious. Think back 10 years ago and some of the biggest technology companies of today weren't trading publicly or in some cases didn't even exist.

Facebook (FB) was still five years from an IPO. Apple (AAPL) had just released its first iPhone, the start of an industry-wide disruption and the beginning of its rise to becoming the world's most valuable company. Tesla's (TSLA) first car—the Tesla Roadster—was still a year away from production and the company was three years from going public.


Technology cuts both ways, though. The roll call of tech stocks that are here today and gone tomorrow is a long one. Some companies shut down altogether, and some are bought like Yahoo was earlier this year.

Which of today's tech stocks will disappear by 2027? We take a look into the crystal ball and come up with 10 companies that could be history within the next decade.

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