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10 Tech Stocks Releasing Game-Changing Products

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Every now and then, a company puts out a “game-changing” product … and that can mean a number of things. For instance, it could be something that’s so successful that it leads everyone else in the industry to follow suit. Or it can be a product that’s so successful that it meaningfully changes a company’s fortunes. On Wall Street, this phenomenon tends to be the stuff of tech stocks, which frequently generate new breathtaking products that change the landscape for consumers and sector rivals alike.

The iPhone is a perfect example. This wasn’t the first smartphone, but Apple Inc. did manage to create what many believed was the best smartphone, accelerating the industry’s growth and leading to myriad copycats.


Not to mention, it made a lot of shareholders a boatload of money.

It’s not always easy to identify a game-changing product. For instance, When first released the Amazon Echo smart speaker in 2014, very few people predicted that it would become the center of the connected home. But it has, and it has led to a widespread rush from other tech titans to produce their own smart speakers.

So, what’s the “next big thing”? Here are 10 stocks that will soon be releasing new products I believe have game-changing potential.

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