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10 Tech Trends to Watch for in 2019

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If you’re going to invest for growth, it’s almost impossible to avoid technology stocks. After all, technology is seeping into every aspect of our daily lives, becoming a bigger part of commerce, industry, health care and more – and the stocks that enable these shifts will continue to gobble up market opportunity at the expense of “the old ways.”

But naturally, if you’re going to invest in technology, you need to be aware of the highest-opportunity tech trends.

Just look at the past couple of years. The rise of cryptocurrencies, as well as their precipitous fall back to earth, set graphics cards maker Nvidia (NVDA) aloft before dragging it back down in late 2018. The plateauing of global smartphone sales finally caught up with Apple (AAPL), which had no choice but to keep hiking iPhone prices to stratospheric levels … and ended the practice of reporting unit sales, which some experts fear is meant to mask a disappointing new trend. The list goes on.


What will shape the future of technology stocks in the year ahead? Here’s a look at 10 top tech trends to watch for in 2019 – and the companies that may rise and fall as a result.

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