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10 Blue-Chip Stocks to Buy Now for the Dividends



Chasing yield when looking for dividend stocks to buy is one the most dangerous things an investor can do. But it’s also more tempting than ever.

This prolonged period of ultra-low interest rates is almost forcing investors to take more risk than they otherwise would. That’s why it’s critical to find big, stable stocks that offer a better balance of risk and reward for income investors.

The S&P 500 Index abounds with generous dividend payers, but many of the high yields are a result of falling share prices and related investor concerns. In other words, the numbers are nice, but they’re far from secure.


That means you have to ratchet down your yield expectations … but not all the way.

Yes, the S&P 500’s dividend yield stands at just 2.15%, so the bar is low. But once you get past that mental roadblock, a number of names emerge as relatively high-paying, reliable dividend stocks to buy for equity income.

A history of rising dividends is of particular concern to any income investors who plans to stick around a while. These stocks fit that description. They also have the free cash flow generation to make good on the payouts quarter after quarter, year after year.

Lastly, except for one name, these stocks all yield 3% or more while offering acceptable risk. And if shareholders can stay patient long enough, they might even find themselves holding some total-return machines.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 S&P 500 dividend stocks to buy now:

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