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The 10 Best Acquisitions of 2017

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In a year in which the S&P 500 has performed tremendously well, mergers and acquisitions deals in the U.S. have been remarkably quiet. According to Bloomberg, only 43% of the world's best acquisitions involved North American companies.

In fact, year-to-date through mid-November, North American M&A deals are down 35% despite Canada having a solid year when it comes to acquisitions. It seems the so-called Trump effect on the markets hasn't translated to the mergers and acquisitions market.

At least not yet.

There is speculation that many CEOs are waiting to see what happens with the AT&T (T) takeover of Time Warner Inc (TWX) before launching into any multi-billion dollar acquisitions that will face extreme scrutiny from the Justice Department.


It also might be that CEOs fear to pay too much for acquisitions at a time when big corporations are leveraged at record levels.

Whatever the reluctance resulting in lower volumes, there still have been some fascinating M&A deals in 2017.

Here are ten of the best acquisitions over $1 billion this past year.

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