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8 Bitcoin Stocks That You Won't Lose Your Shirt Over

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Bitcoin may not have the trust of Wall Street institutions just yet, but millennials are all in. Blockchain Capital recently conducted a study of 2,000 millennials (aged 18-34) and asked them to make a theoretical choice between owning $1,000 in bonds or stocks and $1,000 in bitcoin. Thirty percent chose bitcoin.

These days, a single bitcoin goes for $8,162. That's a gain of nearly 750% since the beginning of the year. It seems millennials are laughing all the way to the decentralized blockchain. (Editor's note: The value of a single bitcoin surpassed $10,000 on Nov. 28.)

The price of bitcoin keeps skyrocketing because people believe its price will keep shooting higher. It's such an incredible gain, in fact, that C-suite execs can no longer afford to ignore bitcoin, the currency, and blockchain, the underlying technology that tracks bitcoin transactions. Neither can you.


The following bitcoin stocks aren't pure plays on the cryptocurrency—and that's what makes them attractive. Once bitcoin is no longer cool, there will be a massive correction, but not in companies that are diversified. And blockchain technology, for what it's worth, is another thing entirely.

That's why the following stocks are all much safer bets on the digital money craze than bitcoin, ethereum or any other digital currency.

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