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The 10 Best S&P 500 Stocks Through 2017’s First Half

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Chances are if you’re holding a bundle of S&P 500 stocks, as long as they’re not in telecom or energy, you’re having a pretty fine year.

Despite the turbulence over the past couple of weeks — particularly in large-cap tech stocks such as Apple Inc. (AAPL) and Facebook Inc. (FB) — the S&P 500 still is up roughly 9% this year. Corporate revenues and earnings are on the rise, and combined with possible tax windfalls and deregulation from the Trump administration, there are plenty of catalysts that can drive the index higher in 2017’s second half.

While energy and telecom stunk through the first six months of 2017, the best performers among the S&P 500’s top stocks come from a wide array of industries across six sectors, and all of them have delivered returns of at least 40%.


Let’s look at the 10 best S&P 500 stocks through the first half of 2017, and talk about whether they can sustain the momentum through the end of the year.

Prices and data are from the original InvestorPlace story published on June 28, 2017. Click on ticker-symbol links in each slide for current prices and more.

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