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10 Stocks to Buy for Donald Trump's Second Wind

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Donald Trump will be president within days, and the Republicans will control both houses of Congress. So to say that things will be different in 2017 than they were under President Barack Obama and a Democrat-controlled Senate is probably the understatement of the century.

The election was full of bombast and inflammatory statements, however, and in some ways it’s difficult to know what the candidates really stood for. So the question going forward is what tough talk was just posturing to get votes … and how will GOP legislators and President Donald Trump actually govern?

Or, if you’re an investor, the more important question to ask after that is, “What stocks will benefit from those policies?”


After looking at recent news and past promises, I think there are 10 clear winners under Donald Trump that will profit from a combination of positive policies and less regulation in 2017. These stocks are uniquely positioned to be direct beneficiaries from how Washington changes course in the next several months.

Yes, some picks have already run up after Election Day on speculation and a broader sentiment rally. But the real winners have staying power and won’t give up their gains.

If you’re looking to position your portfolio to profit from President Trump, here are 10 trades to make now:

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