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10 More Simply Safe Dividend Stocks for Retirement

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With interest rates remaining stubbornly low, many investors have turned to higher-yielding dividend stocks to supplement their retirement income.

While some high yields are safe, others can indicate a broken business model and a dividend payment at risk of being slashed in the future.

Dividend Safety Scores can help income investors avoid companies that are most at risk of cutting their dividends in the future, helping retirees preserve capital and generate secure income.

Dividend Safety Scores assess payout risk by analyzing a company's most important financial metrics. Our scores have flagged dividend cuts from major companies, such as Kinder Morgan (KMI) and ConocoPhillips (COP), well before the announcement was made to help investors sidestep risk.


We used our Dividend Safety Scores to identify 10 of the best high dividend stocks for retirement. These companies have an average yield above 4%, have grown their dividends for at least five years, and appear well-positioned to continue paying growing dividends in the years ahead.

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