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10 Companies That Should Fear Donald Trump’s “America First” Plans



Right or wrong, there’s no denying President-elect Donald Trump’s “America First” policies are making an impact on U.S. companies’ plans to move jobs from U.S. soil to foreign lands.

In mid-November, Ford Motor Company (F) announced it had changed its mind and wouldn’t be moving production of the Lincoln MKC from Louisville, Kentucky. That line was otherwise headed to Mexico until, arguably, Trump was clearly going to shame the company into submission. In early December — under pressure from Donald Trump — Indiana-based HVAC equipment maker Carrier opted to keep a few hundred jobs at home rather than move those positions to Mexico.


Point being, the “America First” mantra wasn’t just a campaign slogan. Donald Trump clearly has every intention of creating or preserving as many American jobs as he can, no matter how it gets done.

This mindset and mission poses potential problems for some companies that rely heavily on overseas manufacturing. These 10 major corporations are particularly vulnerable.

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