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Best Stock in Every State to Buy Now

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Sure, the United States are united, but there are many differences from state to state. Just look at what we call a sweet, fizzy soft drink. On the coasts, it’s soda; in the Midwest, pop. Old school New Englanders call it tonic, and in much of the South, it’s most often just Coke.

The 51 companies in this story — one from each state plus the District of Columbia — are as diverse as the states in which they’re headquartered. The list includes multinational blue-chip behemoths and community banks; beaten-down value stocks and meteoric growers; firms on science’s bleeding edge and two that own landfills. Oh, and the company that makes that Coke stuff.


A word of caution: Choices in some states are sparse, and a few of these stocks are best suited to investors comfortable with a high degree of risk. This is not a list of our 51 favorite stocks in the U.S., in other words. But we think that within each of their states, the companies below warrant your consideration.

Prices and data are as of June 22. Click on ticker-symbol links in each slide for current prices and more.

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