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9 Companies Poised to Ride the Energy Boom

Courtesy Quanta Services, Inc.


Surging oil and gas production, particularly from shale basins that are just starting to deliver marketable fuel, may be better for ancillary companies servicing the oil giants than for the oil and gas companies themselves.

Though industry giants such as ExxonMobil, Chevron and British Petroleum must cope with the vagaries of commodity prices in a market rich in supply, a vast array of firms providing parts, pipelines and all sorts of services, including ways to get the petrochemicals out of the ground and to customers more safely and cheaply, are seeing rapid earnings growth.

“A lot of the people who got rich during the gold rush weren’t mining gold. They were selling picks and shovels,” says Sam Carr, an analyst with SNL Financial, a data and research company. “You’re seeing the same thing here.”


We’ve identified 9 attractive shale-boom beneficiaries that aren’t directly involved in the production of energy.

Share prices are as of March 12. Unless otherwise indicated, price-earnings ratios are based on estimated earnings for 2014. Projected earnings growth, provided by Thomson Reuters, represents three-to-five-year estimates.


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