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5 Stocks to Sell According to Wall Street Analysts

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The fourth quarter has been a pretty painful experience for investors so far. Major indexes have just posted their worst weekly losses in more than six months thanks to rising concerns over high interest rates and a potentially slowing world economy.

Some market commentators are warning that the selloff could continue. That’s far from a guarantee, but it’s so it makes sense to be cautious.

Wall Street analysts are pointing to these five companies as stocks to sell right now. We used TipRanks market data to pinpoint the stocks that have the Street’s naysayers out in force. As you will see, all five of these stocks share an underwhelming hold-level analyst consensus – often viewed as bearish given analysts’ typically optimistic lean – as well as some critical sell ratings.


Here’s a closer look at five stocks that the experts say you should wipe from your portfolio now.

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Data is as of Oct. 16, 2018.


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