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32 Companies That Amazon Could Ruin

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Advertisement (AMZN) has brought pain and misery to numerous companies since its founding in 1994. This well-documented phenomenon really picked up the pace over the past decade, however, with many organizations simply unable to beat the dot-com company in terms of price and delivery speed.

The conversation isn't new, but it gets more interesting by the day. Amazon not only is chipping away at these companies’ businesses, but it also keeps adding new targets. The e-commerce icon is leveraging its entry into new businesses such as groceries, where Amazon is using storefronts to gather customer data, bring consumers into the fold and eventually extract revenue from them – one way or another.


The “long game” is working.

While Amazon has already dealt plenty of damage, the suffering isn’t over. Dozens of outfits are fighting a losing battle with America's biggest online retailer, and still more companies – not just in retail, but across various industries – could start to feel the pain of Amazon’s ever-expanding tentacles as the years roll on. Some will survive ... but some won’t.

Here are 32 companies that are vulnerable to Amazon’s never-ending expansion.

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Companies listed in alphabetical order.

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