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14 Blue-Chip Dividend Stocks Yielding 4% or More

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While the markets have rebounded from last year’s late plunge somewhat in 2019, there’s still one positive remnant from the selloff. Dozens of high-quality blue-chip stocks have been cut in price enough to lift their dividend yields above 4%.

At present, familiar names from the consumer staples sector are combining decades of steady dividend growth with near-record yields and bargain-priced valuations.

Energy stocks – which already were depressed due to weakened energy prices – were hacked even deeper. But these companies have already responded to market adversity over the past few years by shedding poorly performing assets, trimming costs, repurchasing stock and paying down debt. Some of those same companies were able to keep raising dividends, too, and now are positioned to survive in lean times and thrive as energy prices recover.


Even some international stocks’ yields are ballooning thanks to Brexit fears and a slowdown in several countries’ growth.

As a result, each of these 14 blue-chip dividend stocks currently off yields of 4% or better – with the highest payers delivering more than 6%.

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Data is as of Feb. 21. Dividend yields are calculated by annualizing the most recent quarterly payout and dividing by the share price.


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