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6 Consistent Mutual Funds You Can Count on

Shannon May


In the world of mutual funds, slow and steady wins the race. By measuring for consistently good performance, along with factors that we always look for in good funds, such as a disciplined stock-picking style, below-average to average fees and an absence of sales charges, we’ve come up with six funds that promise reliable returns in any market.

What do they have in common? Low turnover. Managers of these cream-of-the-crop funds tend to hold on to their stocks far longer than their peers.

Company people. The managers tend to view their investments as a partnership with a business and with the people behind the business, rather than as just a stock purchase.


Compact portfolio. This refers not to the size of a portfolio but to the number of stocks it holds. With one exception, the best funds are not loaded with hundreds of stocks.

Click through to see our six picks of top-notch, low-minimum, no-load funds that score high on the consistency meter. (And see the last slide to learn more about our methodology).


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