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5 Great Funds to Protect Yourself in Down Markets

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You don’t have to be Sir Isaac Newton to know that in investing, as in physics, what goes up must come down. If your portfolio is full of stock mutual funds that have launched into the stratosphere over the course of the bull market, no one would blame you for searching the sky for rapidly descending apples. The potential headache: A 50% decline in an investment requires a 100% gain just to break even.

Mutual funds can’t repeal the laws of physics. But over full market cycles, they can beat their benchmarks—even if they trail them during bull markets—by playing good defense when it counts. Here are five funds that have stood out over the long term by losing less during down markets.

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Returns and other data are as of April 20. Click on ticker-symbol links in each slide for current prices and more. The benchmark for all of the funds except Janus Small Cap Value is Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index, which lost 18.6% during the 2011 stock market correction.


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