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9 Good Dividend Stocks to Buy Now



In an uncertain market there’s a lot to be said for having a firm foundation of dividend stocks for your portfolio. A good income play at a good price isn’t quite as sexy as a roaring momentum stock, but over the long-term, the reliable returns from dividends really add up.

Every investor needs to be biased toward income stocks right now — even if they are at or near retirement, and looking to take some risk off the table. After all, current yields are about 1.8% on T-Notes and just under 2.2% on investment-grade corporates.

Where else are you going to get income?

If you want stability, then well-priced dividend stocks will provide a great backbone for your portfolio in 2017. And if you’re looking for income, you have to remember that even conservative bond funds still have interest rate risk and could lose principal value if and when the Federal Reserve raises rates in the coming months.


In short, there’s no better place to put your money than dividend stocks right now. Here are nine great picks to consider:

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