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3 European Stocks to Buy for Big-Time Dividends



The Brexit, the Quitaly, generally high unemployment, the ripping apart of the E.U., low stagnating growth, double- and triple-dip recessions — you name it, the Old Country is suffering from it. With that in mind, European stocks certainty aren’t at the top of investor’s lists when it comes hot investment destinations. After all, would you really want to plunk a pile of hard-earned cash on European stocks right now, with all of this mess going on?

The answer should be a resounding yes.

Sure, Europe does have its warts. But you know what else it has? Some of the largest multinationals on the planet. The truth is, they get just as much — if not more — of their revenues from sources outside of Europe. And sales continue to be good, as they have looked towards emerging Asia for their sales. It’s just that the domestic economy is pretty darn bad.


But in that “badness,” investors can find opportunities — namely in some top European dividend stocks. The yield on the broad and multinational-filled Vanguard FTSE Europe ETF (VGK) is a whopping 3.5%.

In the end, European dividend stocks are a tremendous value to income seekers. And here are three of those European stocks to buy today.

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