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The MacGyver Money Quiz: How to Escape Tricky Financial Jams

Sometimes, your finances are like a ticking time bomb: If you don’t act fast enough or you make an imprecise move, you’ll pay dearly.

For instance, what should you do immediately after losing your wallet? Tick, tick, tick. Cancel your credit cards? Call the credit bureaus? Tick, tick, tick. Rush to the bank to withdraw cash to use until you get replacement cards? Apply for a new driver’s lic . . . kablooey!

Can you "MacGyver" your way out of a money mess? (MacGyver, you'll recall, was the iconic '80s TV character famous for using weird tricks to get himself out of scrapes.) A little ingenuity can really help your finances. Or are you more like Saturday Night Live's "MacGruber," always botching the job? Take our quiz to find out (and, by the way, you’ll get the answer to the lost-wallet challenge above).
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