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Dana Blankenhorn

Contributing Writer

Dana Blankenhorn has been a business and technology journalist since 1978. His work has appeared in newspapers including the Chicago Tribune and magazines such as Interactive Age. But he has spent most of his career online, spotting future trends in over a dozen beats from e-commerce to open source, and from renewable energy to blockchain, working for such publishers as, ZDNet, InvestorPlace, and Yahoo Finance.

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Stock Watch
March 2020

Coronavirus Is Speeding the Fall of Oil

Oil prices and the energy industry were facing an eventual reckoning. COVID-19 is adjusting the timetable.

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December 2019

2020's 15 Best Tech Stocks to Buy for Any Portfolio

Tech stocks have been the star of the market through the first two decades of the 21st century. Expect that to continue into the third. That said, the ways investors can play the technology sector have ...

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November 2019

5 REITs That Make the Cloud Pay You Dividends

Most investors know about tech stocks that have harnessed the cloud for growth, such as (CRM), Adobe Systems (ADBE) and (AMZN). But are you familiar with the cloud's landlords? “Cloud ...

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May 2019

6 Tech Stocks to China-Proof Your Portfolio

The ongoing trade war between the U.S. and China is having an unmistakably negative effect on the technology sector. Numerous tech stocks have heavy Chinese exposure, whether it’s via the rare-earth ...

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March 2019

6 Top Stocks to Buy for the Future of Industrial Automation

Industrial automation is an area that can thrive regardless of how the economy looks. When times are good, companies are able to invest more in technology to put themselves ahead of the competition. When ...

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November 2018

10 Tech Stocks That Pay You to Own Them

The name of the game in investing is “total return.” When you buy a stock, your total return comes from two places – price appreciation and dividends. For the longest time tech stocks were never ...

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August 2018

10 Roughed-Up Stocks to Buy for a Recovery Rally

A stock’s price can fall for many reasons. The company may no longer be performing as it’s expected to. The industry or sector could be temporarily out of fashion. Sometimes, a weak market simply pulls ...

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July 2018

9 Tech Stocks That Are Kings of Their Domain

There is a rule in technology called the 90-9-1 rule, and it usually holds true. Leading tech stocks tend to dominate 90% of the market, the second-place company gets 9%, and everyone else scraps for the ...

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June 2018

6 Ways to Beat Rising Interest Rates

Even if you have been an investor for 30 years, you don’t really know about high interest rates. U.S. interest rates peaked in October 1981, when the 30-year Treasury bond traded at 15%. The dream, ...

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March 2018

10 Tech Stocks That Will Rule the Cloud

The current decade may end up being remembered as the “Cloud Decade.” The cloud is essentially a massive infrastructure of computers around the world that are used to power processes more efficiently ...

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February 2018

7 Hot Technologies to Buy in 2018 (And How to Do So Safely) 

Successful investing in the tech sector is about looking around corners. You don’t win by betting on what has happened, or what is happening, but what will happen. The PC era of the 1970s quickly ...

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December 2017

How Well Do You Really Understand Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the most intriguing new financial instrument of the decade. The value of bitcoin has skyrocketed in 2017, from less than $1,000 to more than $17,000 per "coin." It was an e...

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