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Nick Giacoumakis, IAR/Investment Adviser, CEPA

President and Founder, New England Investment & Retirement Group Inc.

Phone: 978.975.2559

Nick Giacoumakis is the founder and president of New England Investment & Retirement Group Inc. (NEIRG) and a nationally recognized wealth management adviser with more than two decades of experience providing investment advisory and wealth management services. He established NEIRG in 1995 following seven years as a financial representative at a large national firm. Giacoumakis holds a passion for helping business owners maximize their value and achieve success in all stages of ownership. He resides in southern New Hampshire with his family and three children.

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September 2017

Small-Business Owners’ Biggest Retirement Mistake

After spending a lifetime concentrating on their companies, many small-business owners find themselves in a tough spot near the end of their careers. They’ve neglected planning for succession or a sale.

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