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Ray E. LeVitre, Investment Adviser, CFP

Founder, Managing Partner, Net Worth Advisory Group

Office: 801.566.5552

Mobile: 801.455.1711

Ray LeVitre has gained a unique perspective of the financial industry during his 20-plus years of experience. He has worked as representative for one of the nation's largest mutual fund companies (Fidelity); as a bank investment representative at one of the nation's largest banks; and as an insurance agent at a reputable life insurance company. He then worked as a stockbroker at the nation's largest brokerage firm before starting his own independent fee-only financial planning firm in 2003, Net Worth Advisory Group.

Because LeVitre has seen the industry from many angles, he understands the types of products and services commission-based companies offer. As an independent fee-only CFP, LeVitre is in a unique position to help people evaluate the products, services and strategies they have been sold by other advisers and help determine if they were given sound advice.

In addition, LeVitre is the author of 20 Retirement Decisions You Need to Make Right Now.

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