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Matt Hylland, RIA, Financial Planner

Founder, Hylland Capital Management, LLC


Matt is the founder of Hylland Capital Management, a fee-only, virtually based financial planning and investment advisory firm designed for today's young professionals. Matt is a member of the XY Planning Network.

Previously a scientist for the U.S. Navy, Matt entered the industry in 2015 by starting a firm that is his vision for how financial planning should be done. No high-pressure sales pitches, no commission-based products and no asset minimums. Just personalized, quality advice to help enable clients to reach their financial goals.

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October 2017

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August 2017

Do This Before Including ‘Factors’ in Your Portfolio

The best and brightest research on investing may sound like a sure thing, but before venturing off into Ph.D.-level academia, investors should master personal finance 101. It could deliver a better payoff.

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June 2017

A Guaranteed Way to Match the Market's Top-Performing Fund

If you (or your financial adviser) are spending all your time looking for the VERY BEST investment out there, you might be missing out on a sure thing.

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