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David Hickey, CPCU

Managing Director, Your Own Retirement

Phone: 866-677-7526

David Hickey is a managing director at Your Own Retirement in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania. He has over 30 years of experience in the insurance, finance and investment industry. Hickey has earned the Certified Property and Casualty Underwriting designation from the American Institute. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Pittsburgh. Hickey has contributed his time to coaching baseball and ice hockey; part and parcel of raising five children with his wife of 31 years, Susan.

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December 2017

Put Yourself on a Financial Diet Now for a Happier Retirement Later

Developing some healthy financial habits now can help set you up for a secure retirement. And it may even let you retire sooner than you thought possible.

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August 2017

Retirement Roulette? Letting It All Ride on Stocks May Not Be Best

For those in or near retirement, gambling too hard on today’s record-setting bull market could be more risk than they bargained for.

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July 2017

Retirees Can’t Underestimate This Stock Market Risk

If the market tumbles right around the time you're retiring, it can have a powerful impact on how long your retirement assets will last. While you can’t control the market, there are other factors that are in your own hands.

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March 2017

Kick Your Retirement Plan into Gear With a Start-To-Finish Checklist

Planning for what could essentially be a 30-year “vacation” sounds daunting, but you can break the process down into four more manageable pieces and tackle them one by one.

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