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Mark Cortazzo, CFP®, CIMA®

Senior Partner, MACRO Consulting Group

Phone: 973.451.9400

Mark Cortazzo, CFP®, CIMA® is the founder and senior partner of MACRO Consulting Group, an independent wealth management firm located in New Jersey. He offers expert financial advice as an Investment Adviser Representative and retirement planning specialist. With over 25 years of experience in financial services, Cortazzo has been profiled in many publications and has earned numerous industry awards and accolades.

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Building Wealth
May 2018

What if I Told You That You Were Worth $160?

To successfully save for retirement and make your money last through it, investors must be able to distinguish the difference between cost and value.

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Building Wealth
February 2017

Retiring Today Is 10 Times Riskier Than It Was 10 Years Ago

If you want to pursue the same returns, you have to be willing to face more risk in this investing environment.

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Building Wealth
January 2017

I'm a Conservative Investor, and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves

No investment is completely safe. You need to understand the risks in your portfolio.

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Building Wealth
September 2016

How to Minimize Sequence Risk in Your Investing Strategy

Laddering your bonds or purchasing an annuity can save you from running out of money if you start withdrawing your retirement savings at the wrong time.

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