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Kiplinger's Retirement Report

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April 2020

Live Like a Local When Traveling Abroad

There are multiple ways to live like you belong there, depending on your budget and how much responsibility you want to shoulder.

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July 2019

Educational Trips Expand the Mind for Older Traveler

Retirees have a bevy of options to explore areas most tourists don't see.

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June 2019

Retirement Travel: See the World with the Grandkids

Multigenerational trips help create strong family bonds and leave a legacy of special memories.

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April 2019

All Aboard for a Train Adventure in Retirement

Older travelers and retirees are hitting the rails and fueling demand for train vacations.

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March 2019

Retirees, Get Tech Savvy for the Grandkids

Communicating through new tech tools is a lot more fun than the obligatory phone calls of yore.

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December 2018

Savor the Tastes of Local Culture in Retirement

In a new twist, some travel companies are adding exercise and culinary lessons to travel expeditions aimed at older foodies.

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September 2018

Join a Chorale Group in Retirement to Boost Your Spirits

Retirees can create, bond and entertain in a song-filled setting featuring professional conductors.

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July 2018

How to Preserve the History of Your Family

Tips for collecting and organizing precious photos, movies and memories.

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Estate Planning
June 2018

Decluttering in Retirement (or at Any Age) Frees Space and the Soul

Whether you do it yourself or hire a pro, letting go of unneeded possessions is liberating for you and your heirs.

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March 2018

Girlfriend Getaways Gain Popularity Among Retirees, Preretirees

Many women over 50 are discovering the rejuvenating properties of vacationing with female friends.

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Leisure Spending
May 2017

For Retirees on the Go, Culinary Tours Put the Focus on Food

Foodie travelers have a menu of choices ranging from culinary cruises, cooking courses and winery tours.

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Financial Planning
April 2016

Retirees Moving to Be Near the Grandkids

Forget all those "best places to retire" lists: For some retirees, the top retirement destination is the place where their grandkids reside.

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Estate Planning
February 2016

Celebrating Life When Death Draws Near

A 'living funeral' provides an opportunity for the terminally ill to gather with close friends and relatives to share memories and stories.

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Making Your Money Last
October 2015

Hire a Personal Assistant to Ease the Burden

Getting help to handle small tasks can make a big difference for those who are juggling work and caregiving.

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August 2015

Solving Sibling Squabbles Over a Parent's Care

If advance planning didn't do the trick, hiring a professional mediator can help settle a family feud.

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July 2015

Vacations That Give Back

Take a “voluntourism” trip and you’ll see the world from a fresh perspective.

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