A Very Cool Tax Tool

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A Very Cool Tax Tool

Need help determining your tax basis? This database might help.

If you're searching for lost tax-basis information for your 2006 tax return, take heart: BasisPro, a service offered by Wolters Kluwer, will fill in the blanks of what you paid for securities you sold in 2006. All you need to know is when you bought them.

The online BasisPro database is packed with info about every corporate action -- think mergers, spinoffs and stock splits -- for every stock and mutual fund since 1950, plus all dividends since 1973. Reconstructing those basis-altering events is painful even with great records. This tool takes seconds.

BasisPro is part of the GainsKeeper.com service ($349 a quarter); it's also built into TurboTax Premier tax-preparation software. (Kiplinger's provides expert advice for TurboTax software and its Web site.)