Tips for Holiday Tipping

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Tips for Holiday Tipping

How to show your appreciation for good service.

When you make your holiday-spending budget, don't forget to include the amount you'll spend on tips for the people who have provided you with good service throughout the year. Not sure whom to tip or how much? We can help.

A good rule of thumb is to tip those people who have worked for you consistently and deserve recognition for their outstanding service -- such as a nanny, hair stylist or house cleaner. Our Holiday Tipping Tip Sheet provides guidelines on how much you should give to various service providers. And What You Need to Know About Tipping has advice on tipping in restaurants and while you're traveling overseas (and whether you fall for the tip jar).

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If money is tight this year, you can show your appreciation without breaking the bank. There are low-cost and no-cost ways to let people know that you're pleased with the service you've received.