Bypass Phone Menu Hell

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Bypass Phone Menu Hell

Here's how to reach a real person if your credit card is stolen or you need help with a financial emergency.

If your credit card is stolen or you need help with some other financial emergency, you need to reach an actual person, not wade through a maze of automated voice prompts. Saying “customer service” or punching 0 are worth a shot, but you don’t have to guess.

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For a surefire fix, try, a gateway to real people at 8,000 companies, including such hard-to-crack firms as Verizon, Bank of America and United Airlines. Type your chosen company into the search box to pull up a phone number, a tip sheet and the average wait time.

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Better yet, skip the wait entirely by having the company call you. Just enter your phone number for a call-back. Smart-phone users can use the free Get­Human app (available for iPhone and Android).

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