People You Shouldn't Tip for the Holidays

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People You Shouldn't Tip for the Holidays

Tis the season to be generous, but tipping isn't necessary for certain folks.

It’s natural to feel more generous around the holidays. When it comes to holiday tipping, follow your heart and your budget.

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If you can afford it, tip the people who make your life easier throughout the year, from house cleaners and hairstylists to teachers and trash collectors.

You don’t need to tip everyone during the holidays, however. We asked tipping experts for advice on who not to tip. Here’s what they say.

Don’t tip professionals such as doctors, lawyers and accountants. They typically earn a nice living that doesn’t rely on tips, and tipping experts warn that gratuities could even be seen as an insult. If you want to show your appreciation, a nice card or a tray full of treats for office staff is more appropriate.

Another person you shouldn’t even think about tipping: your boss. Instead, see if your co-workers want to chip in for an inexpensive group gift.

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