Tips on Spending Less From Around the Web

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Tips on Spending Less From Around the Web

Advice from personal finance bloggers on easy ways to cut expenses and save more money.

Whether you're trying to find more room in your budget to pay down debt, build an emergency fund or boost retirement savings, there are plenty of ways to cut your spending. Here are 28 expenses you might easily be able to cut so you'll have more cash. Plus, I've rounded up tips from personal finance bloggers about easy ways to spend less and save more without going overboard and giving up everything you enjoy.

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3 Ways to Save Hundreds (or Even Thousands) of Dollars Without Thinking [Wise Bread]
"Here are three ways to put more money in your pocket each month without having to dramatically change your behavior."

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Quick and Easy Ways to Save [Save on (Almost) Everything]
"I’ve put together a list of things you can do in 15 minutes or less to save thousands of dollars every year. Follow these and you’ll be on your way to reaching your goals."

9 Ways to Avoid Lifestyle Inflation -- Spending Less When You Earn More [Money Crashers]
"If you find yourself itching to spend after scoring a big promotion at work, try these tips to keep the money in your pocket."


Finding a Balance Between Spending and Saving [Frugal Rules]
"The great thing about having a balance between saving and spending is that it puts you in a financial position to worry less about those little extras."

Can You Be Too Frugal? [Christian Personal Finance]
"While frugality can bring about many positive changes in your life, cheap becomes a way of life that ironically can lead to spending more money in the long run."

The Dangers of Heroic Budgeting [The Simple Dollar]
"I thought that by having an incredibly tight and small budget, I would be able to solve all of my financial problems quickly. By being a 'hero' and giving up every little pleasure in life, I would somehow make things better over the long run. It didn’t really work."