Great Halloween Advice From Around the Web

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Great Halloween Advice From Around the Web

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Halloween is just a week away, so I decided to round up tips on affordable ways to celebrate this spooky holiday. Enjoy.

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DIY Halloween Costumes for Under $10 []
"There’s nothing like sauntering into a Halloween party wearing the best costume, especially if it didn’t cost a fortune."

50 Cheap and Easy Halloween Costumes for Adults & Children [Coupon Sherpa]
"We've come up with 50 easy and creative costumes for adults, children, couples and groups that won't cost you an arm and a leg, unless you're a real zombie, that is."

6 Ghoulish and Ghastly DIY Halloween Decorations []
"Instead of unloading your hard earned dollars at a big-box or craft store, make these six easy Halloween decorations at home."


6 Low-Budget Ways to Celebrate Halloween [Savvy Sugar]
"Most adults love a good celebration and Halloween is the perfect excuse to do something different."

15 Theme Ideas for a Memorable Halloween Party [Wise Bread}
"Choosing a theme is one way to make your party unique, and your guests will appreciate not having to think too much about their costumes."

10 Unique Halloween Treats That Kids Love -- But Rarely Get! [Len Penzo dot Com]
"When it comes to Halloween treats I consider my 11-year-old daughter, Lenina, to be the ultimate authority. Ironically, most of the treats Nina finds in her trick-or-treat bag every Halloween that she considers to be the among the best are NOT your typical fun-sized candy bars."

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