Cheapest Times to Visit Vacation Hotspots in 2015

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Cheapest Times to Visit Vacation Hotspots in 2015

These are the months when you will find the best travel deals on flights and hotel rooms for popular destinations.

One of the best ways to save money on travel is to time your trip right. By visiting during the off-season, you can score deeply discounted airfares and accommodations. In fact, discount travel site Hotwire found that you can get up to half off on hotel rooms by visiting popular destinations when they’re not overrun by tourists. And often those lowest-of-the-year hotel rates correspond with low airfares, according to data from

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Hotwire surveyed people ages 18 to 35 to see which places they would like to visit in 2015 to come up with a list of the year's most sought after destinations. Then it looked at hotel rates in those cities (as published on Hotwire) to determine the best month to visit each city for the most savings. We asked to compare average airfares to the top ten cities on the Hotwire list to find the best months for discounted flights. Below, you’ll find the thriftiest times to fly to and stay in vacation hotspots this year based on probable airfares and hotel rates. Destinations are listed in order of popularity.

Las Vegas

Best month to visit: January. January through mid-February is off-season in Las Vegas, so prices are lower during this time – aside from weeks with major conferences, says Henrik Kjellberg, president of the Hotwire Group. Room rates are $66 per night, on average, in January; you'd pay 44% more for a room, on average, during peak season. Airfares to Las Vegas also are at their lowest in January – 25% less, on average, than in the peak season, says CEO Jeff Klee. Although room rates and airfares are lower in January, there still are deals to be found in other months. Kjellberg says you can find discounted rooms even in the peak season if you wait until the last minute to book because hotels lower prices to fill rooms.


Best month to visit: May. May is on the tail end of Hawaii's off-season, so Kjellberg says travelers can find great deals before peak summer months, when average hotel rates are 46% higher. Airfares are 31% lower, on average, in May than during the peak season, Klee says. Another time of year to consider is shoulder season during September through November because travelers can still experience warm, tropical weather without the summer and holiday crowds, Kjellberg says.



Best month to visit: January. If you’re willing to bundle up and brave the cold, you can save 30%, on average, on a flight by visiting London in the heart of winter. And room rates are $129 per night, on average; whereas, in peak months rates can be up to 55% higher. Otherwise, consider a trip in late summer to take advantage of lower shoulder-season prices, Kjellberg says.


Best month to visit: January.On average, you'll pay half as much for a hotel room per night in the capital of Italy in January than during peak summer travel season. Given that the average temperature is 53 degrees in January, you won’t freeze as you soak up all the history and pasta the city has to offer. Airfares actually are lowest in March, Klee says, but you’ll still save 30% by flying in January rather than in summer. And Kjellberg says travelers actually can find deals on rooms throughout winter and early spring.


Best month to visit: September. The best month to visit Miami is during the tail end of off-season in September, when room rates average nearly half what they would during the peak winter season, Kjellberg says. September also is the cheapest month for airfares, which are $99 less per ticket, on average, than in December (the most-expensive month), Klee says.


Best month to visit: February. Summer is prime tourist season in the capital of France, so the deals are better and the crowds are smaller in winter. Room rates are lowest in February – $117 per night, on average – but Kjellberg says low rates can be found through May (except during fashion week in early March). Prices on flights also are lowest in February – $498 less, on average, than the July peak, Klee says.


New York

Best month to visit: February. Flights to the Big Apple are 21% cheaper, on average, in February (and January and September) than other times of the year, Klee says. You’ll also score the biggest savings on a hotel when the average nightly rate is $136 in February. During peak season, hotel rates shoot up an average of 77%. However, there are deals to be had throughout the year on weekends when business travelers clear out and hotels lower prices to fill rooms, Kjellberg says.


Best month to visit: August. Travelers can find great deals during this month as many businesses owners around the city close up shop for their annual holiday, Kjellberg says. That doesn't mean there isn't plenty to do as major attractions are still open. And nightly room rates are just $71, on average. You'll pay up to 77% more, on average, for a room during peak season. However, airfares aren’t the lowest of the year in August – but it is the cheapest month to fly during summer, Klee says.

San Francisco

Best month to visit: January. Winter is off-season in the City by the Bay, so room rates average $116 per night in January, according to Hotwire. You'll pay up to 88% more for a room in peak summer season. And flights to San Francisco are about $100 lower than average in January, Klee says. Kjellberg also recommends visiting San Francisco from September to November for discounted room rates. You’ll also find airfares that are about $100 lower than average in September than in December, when fares are highest, Klee says.

Los Angeles

Best month to visit: January. Hotel rates are $99 per night, on average, in January, according to Hotwire. And airfares also are the lowest of the year in January, Klee says. However, deals can be found throughout the year, even during peak months, if travelers are flexible, Kjellberg says. For example, there were plenty of deals in the Downtown Los Angeles and West Hollywood/Beverly Hills areas last summer during peak season because the majority of visitors booked their stay on the beach in places such as Santa Monica, he says.