Wipe Out Pesky Fees


Wipe Out Pesky Fees

We show you how to eliminate many of the nuisance charges that try your patience and drain your wallet.

In our monthly survey of Kiplinger's readers, we asked which fees were the most bothersome. You told us that travel fees bug you the most, followed by bank, cable, cell-phone and credit-card fees. If you're tired of being eaten alive by these pesky charges, we'll show you how to avoid them -- or at least ease their sting.

SLIDE SHOW: How to Wipe Out 33 Pesky Fees

4 Aggravating Travel Fees to Avoid
You can beat some of the extra charges airlines tack on, including annoying fees to check your bags.

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3 Costly Mortgage Fees
You may be paying hundreds of dollars more than you need to for closing costs.


5 Annoying Bank Fees to Avoid
Charges are piling up on formerly free checking accounts.

5 Sneaky Cell-Phone Fees
Activation, upgrade, texting and other charges add up fast if you don't make the right moves to avoid them.

2 Costly Entertainment Fees to Avoid
You can trim the cost of Internet access through your cable company and eliminate some of the extra charges when you order tickets for sports or entertainment events.

5 Irksome Car Fees
Which vehicle-related add-on do we hate the most? Car-rental insurance.


5 Vexing Credit Card Fees
No need to pay an annual fee for your rewards card or any of these other common fees.

4 Investing Fees That Eat Into Your Returns
You can avoid some fees -- and keep others under control -- by investing in the right funds and picking the right broker.