Deal or No Deal?

Kip Tips Deal or No Deal?

Tools, toys, books and more: We hunt for the bargains.


The retail behemoth has lower prices on many products — but not on everything. Reconsider your shopping habits for these products:

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Toys at

Deal. Especially close to holidays such as Easter and Christmas, Amazon touts aggressive bargains on toys, says Kristin Cook, managing editor for

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Tools at

No deal. Hardware stores such as Home Depot, Lowe’s and Harbor Freight often beat or match Amazon’s prices — especially near the holiday season and in July, when post-Father’s Day markdowns take effect.

Books at

Deal. Amazon still charges less than brick-and-mortar stores such as Barnes & Noble and Target on print books.

Name-brand clothing at

No deal. You’ll be hard-pressed to find the best prices on clothing and shoes from popular brands, such as Nike and North Face.

Video-game preorders at

Deal. Subscribers to Amazon Prime ($99 a year) get a 20% discount on video-game preorders.

PCs and Apple products at

No deal. The best bargains on iPads and iPhones are usually at Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Fry’s Electronics and Micro Center, says Benjamin K. Glaser, features editor for And you can often get better prices on personal computers directly from manufacturers.