Holiday Money-Saving Advice From Around the Web

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Holiday Money-Saving Advice From Around the Web

A weekly look at personal finance tips and insights others are offering.

As I was browsing personal finance blogs for this week's roundup, I came across a headline on a Get Rich Slowly post that looked promising: 6 Financial Products That Made the Nice List (and 6 That Didn't). As I delved into it, I realized that the advice was indeed sound because it came from Kiplinger's -- yes, this is a shameless plug. April Dykman of Get Rich Slowly had interviewed Kiplinger Associate Editor Lisa Gerstner about the best (and worst) savings and checking accounts and credit cards. The recommendations are part of a bigger package that you ought to check out if you want to see all our picks for the best and worst of all things personal finance. See Hits and Misses of 2012.

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For more great personal finance advice, here are several tips that will help you save money and spend wisely this holiday season:

Sneaky Tricks to Save a Bundle This Holiday Season [Credit Sesame]
"Experts say these tips, secrets and deals readily accessible around the web will help you save a bundle."


5 Tips to Help You Enjoy the Holidays More on Less Money [Generation X Finance]
"The holidays are about more than 'stuff' you can buy for others."

12 Gifts That Encourage Frugality [The Simple Dollar]
"Here are twelve gifts you can give this holiday season that will encourage the receiver to save a little money in the coming year."

Last-Minute Gift Ideas for the Savvy Procrastinator [Savvy Sugar]
"All of these holiday presents can be picked up at any local store, ordered from the comfort of your couch, or creatively made by you."

Better Than Barbie: 5 Free Toys Kids Will Love [Wise Bread]
"Instead of trying to fight their natural curiosity, it's time to go ahead and embrace the fact that kids LOVE around-the-house items as much as they enjoy expensive gifts."


What Am I Gonna Do With a Gun Rack? [Planting Our Pennies]
"Let’s be honest, giving gun racks to one another doesn’t really make anyone happy. Well, except for the manufacturers. So how do we stay out of this sticky territory altogether? If it’s really 'the thought that counts' then let’s put some more thought into gifts for one another."

The Clutter-Free Holiday Guide [Zen Habits]
"From gifts to wrapping to decorations to cardboard boxes from Amazon and more, the holidays can see more accumulation of clutter than any other time of the year."

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