Best and Worst Buys of April

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Best and Worst Buys of April

You'll find discounts on cruises, jewelry, home improvement items and more this month.

Here’s what you can expect to find on sale in April -- and what you should wait a little longer to buy, according to, which analyzes deals from past years to predict what will be discounted this year.

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What’s on sale this month ...

Cruises. The deals on cruises that usually appear in April are even bigger this year due to the industry's string of recent disasters. According to dealnews, this year's prices are as much as 11% less than discounted ones last April.

Non-Apple Tablets. After the release of Apple's new iPad in March, the company dropped the price on its iPad 2 by $100 (you can find it for as low as $349). Competitors are expected to follow suit by cutting prices on their tablets. The price on the Amazon Kindle Fire already has hit an all-time low.


Jewelry. Now is the time to buy something shiny for Mom because the deals are better now (especially from online retailers) than they will be closer to Mother's Day in May.

Home improvement items. Home Depot launched its spring Black Friday sale March 29 -- a week and a half earlier than last year. Plus, it's offering the sale nationwide rather than rolling it out region by region. The discounts are good but not as deep as those you'll find on the real Black Friday, according to dealnews.

Laptops. Prices are still at Black Friday 2011 levels, so you can find laptops with 17-inch screens or larger and a minium of 8GB RAM for $800 or less. Also look for deals on ultrabooks, such as the ASUS Zenbook ($849) or Acer Aspire S3 ($749).

Wait longer to buy ...


Spring apparel. Retailers have started marking down clothing about 30% to 40% for their spring sales. For discounts of 50% or more, though, you'll need to wait until May.

Grills. Grilling weather is here in some parts of the country. But you'll need to wait until summer to find discounts on grills.

Office furniture. Although some sources claim that April is the best month for deals on office furniture, dealnews data show that the number of sales and the quality of furniture that gets discounted are better in May and June. Look for deals at OfficeMax, Office Depot, Staples and Walmart.

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