10 Best Days for Crowd-Free Shopping

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10 Best Days for Crowd-Free Shopping

Consumers can get better customer service and still find deals when retail traffic is lighter.

A record 89 million shoppers flocked to stores on Black Friday this year to take advantage of deals, according to the National Retail Federation. So to say that the stores were crowded the day (and entire weekend) after Thanksgiving would probably be an understatement.

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"Black Friday is not for the faint of heart,” says Bill Martin, founder of ShopperTrak, which analyzes retail foot traffic. “Shoppers must brave the crowds to take advantage of good deals."

However, he says that consumers will be rewarded if they venture out this week or in early December because retailers will continue to offer discounts but the crowds will have dwindled dramatically. In fact, shopping on the days with the lightest retail traffic offers consumers the chance to get the best customer service and possibly the best deals, Martin says.


If you're looking for a crowd-free shopping experience, here are the ten days that are expected to have the least amount of foot traffic in stores this holiday season, according to ShopperTrak.

1. November 27, Tuesday
2. November 26, Monday
3. November 28, Wednesday
4. December 4, Tuesday
5. November 29, Thursday
6. December 3, Monday
7. December 5, Wednesday
8. December 6, Thursday
9. December 10, Monday
10. December 11, Tuesday

The stores won't be busy on these days because they are all weekdays and most shoppers will be taking a break following the big-spending Black Friday weekend. By December 12, though, the crowds will return as last-minute holiday shoppers head to the stores to buy gifts.

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