Surprising new grocery store amenities

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3 Surprising Amenities You Might Soon Find at Your Grocery Store

Spa services, fitness classes and more await your next food shopping trip.


Next time you run to the grocery store for milk or bread, consider staying for Zumba and a pedicure. From coast to coast, major grocers are introducing in-store amenities. What you may find:

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Health and spa services. Exercise is one of the few things you can’t buy online, and grocery stores are filling the void. Squeeze in a yoga, barre or Zumba class at ShopRite before shopping, or treat yourself to a facial, massage, wax or mani-pedi at a Whole Foods spa. Polish your culinary skills with a healthy-cooking class at Publix or Giant.

Home improvement. Ace Hardware has partnered with grocers in the Midwest and South to open hardware stores-within-a-store that offer 86% of the chain’s typical product selection. Among the best-selling items at the grocery locations: lawn and garden supplies, plumbing equipment, seasonal merchandise, and tools.

Free child care. You won’t need to worry about kiddie meltdowns in the cookie aisle at Kroger and ShopRite. Both stores offer free child care at select locations while you shop.