Worst Wedding Gifts to Give

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Worst Wedding Gifts to Give

Don't waste your money on presents the newlyweds don't want.

The average wedding guest spends $127 on a gift for a family member. For a friend, it’s $99. No matter the amount, giving a gift the newlyweds don’t want and won’t use is a waste of money.

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Wedding planners say the solution is simple: Stick to the gift registry. You also can’t go wrong giving cash or gift cards. You can, however, go wrong with these gifts.

Start with anything monogrammed. These days, initials are tricky. Many couples opt to keep their names or create hyphenated names. If you insist on personalization, put together a nice gift basket instead.

Next, stay away from china, crystal and silver. Unless specifically requested on the registry, these traditional gifts are more likely to end up in a drawer than on display.

Finally, skip gifts that might be misconstrued. Relationship guides, baby books and even exercise equipment can send the wrong signals.

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