Tricks to Save Money at Starbucks

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Tricks to Save Money at Starbucks

How to feed your caffeine habit without going broke.

Personal finance experts love to tell people how much they can save by giving up Starbucks. And it’s true. A cup-a-day habit can add up to a thousand bucks or more every year.

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But we’ll spare you the speech. Instead, we’ll teach you a few tricks for spending less at Starbucks. That way, you can keep more money in your pocket without giving up caffeine cold turkey.

The simplest way to save is to join the Starbucks Rewards Program. Members get a birthday freebie and free in-store refills. Plus, you’ll earn a free drink once you spend enough.

Another thrifty trick is ordering a “short” coffee. The smaller, cheaper serving size isn’t advertised, but it’s usually available. You can also save by bringing your own re-usable cup.

Yet another trick: Buy discount Starbucks gift cards online. We recently found some selling for 10% off face value on

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