Hidden Perks of Amazon Prime

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Hidden Perks of Amazon Prime

Free two-day shipping is just the beginning.

Most people use Prime for the free two-day shipping. Video streaming is another perk – but you probably knew that. Same goes for free Kindle books. But some Prime benefits are less familiar.

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Take Dash Buttons. They’re about the size of a thumb drive and connect to Amazon through your Wi-Fi. Let’s say you’re running out of toilet paper. Simply push the Charmin button in your bathroom, and more rolls will arrive two days later.

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Is two days too long? Your $99-a-year Prime membership can get you same-day delivery on a million items. There are two catches: You must live in an eligible city; and your order must total $35 or more. Need it even faster? Free two-hour deliver is available on 25,000 items.

Yet another hidden perk of Prime is the ability to share your membership. The wrinkle: The person also shares access to your payment methods. Consider you partner in Prime carefully.

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