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Smart Buying

7 Best Things to Buy at the Dollar Store

These items are well worth the buck (or more) you will pay for them.

1. Cleaning Supplies

As long as you're not picky about brands, you could do well at dollar stores.

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2. Greeting Cards

Multipack cards sell for $1 at a local dollar store. At a supermarket, they start at $3.25.

3. Kitchenware

If you prefer disposable kitchenware, the dollar store is a great place to get cheap plates, cups, mugs and silverware.

4. Office Supplies

Take security envelopes: A box of 80 is $1 at the dollar store, but a box of 50 is $4.79 at a local office supply store.

5. Party Supplies

Need a helium-filled Mylar balloon? $1 will get you one at the dollar store, but they cost $4-$10 at the local grocery store.


6. Picnic Supplies

You can get a wide assortment of banners, napkins with American flags, paper plates and paper napkins, all for $1 each.

7. Reading Glasses

A pair at the dollar store costs just $1, but they go for $16 at a local grocery store and $22 at a local office supply store.

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