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Map: Who Will Save the Most with Generic Lipitor

We plotted the cost of Lipitor in more than 300 cities to see who will benefit most from the drug's generic version.

Pfizer lost its patent on the cholesterol-lowering drug Lipitor on November 30 -- which spells big savings for many of the 8.7 million Americans who take the medication. The patent’s expiration means that cheaper, generic versions will soon hit pharmacy shelves. Currently, a month's supply of Lipitor costs $174.71 on average. For those with health insurance, the co-pay can run as high as $49. That co-pay will drop to $10 for generic Lipitor, and the off-the-shelf price for the uninsured will fall by as much as 90 percent.

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To see who stands to benefit most from the switch, we mapped the cost of a month's supply of Lipitor in more than 300 cities around the country. East Coasters are in luck: Lipitor generally costs the most in their region, so they can expect to pocket the most money if they switch to a generic version.