New Money-Management Tools Worth a Look


4 New Money-Management Tools Worth a Look

We pick the most promising tech innovations in personal finance.

The latest in financial and banking technology debuted at the fall Finovate conference in New York City. These tools stood out.

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Motif Investing is a Web site that lets investors buy baskets of up to 30 securities for a one-time fee of $9.95. The baskets, called motifs, are constructed around investment themes. Now, users can post their own motifs to a community catalog, where they’re available for other users to purchase. Whenever someone buys or rebalances your motif, you get a $1 commission.

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With so many gurus offering financial advice, who is worth listening to? The Web browser tool Tipranks can help. Anytime you come across a stock recommendation online, the tool charts how the stock picker’s previous online recommendations have fared, how he or she stacks up against fellow stock pickers and what top-rated (by TipRanks) analysts say about the stock. TipRanks says it’s adding hundreds of new experts a month, from bloggers to Wall Street higher-ups.

Like other popular apps, Numbrs, slated to launch in the U.S. in 2014, allows users to track their spending, as well as pay bills and make purchases through the app. What sets Numbrs apart is its ability to predict the user’s future financial moves. For instance, if you consistently use a car service to get to the airport, the app will note this and automatically budget for a car service if you buy an airline ticket.

Secure your smart phone with Zighra Kinetic ID. The app monitors the way you swipe a screen to establish a pattern of movement unique to you. After the app figures out your pattern, you can swipe the screen without entering a PIN or password, although you can add either as an extra layer of security and as a fail-safe, so you’ll never be locked out by mistake.